Bigg Boss 14 Where To Watch Free Videos

Bigg Boss that is an Indian popular show worldwide, the 13th seasons of this show has completed in 2019 with high TRP. Now, the next season of the Bigg Boss will back soon on the small screen of India and it will be Bigg Boss 14.

Bigg Boss 14 Where to Watch

Here in this article, I will tell how to watch live or download the episodes of Bigg Boss 14. Everybody likes this show and if you are also a big fan of this show you must read this article. I will tell you how to watch and download new episodes easily and genuine rules of the Bigg Boss. If you can’t watch the Bigg Boss show on TV due to some circumstances then this article will help you.

You can Watch Bigg Boss 14 show on your mobile and laptop easily. I will tell some best apps and sites through which everybody can watch easily and download.

Best Apps for the Bigg Boss 14 live streaming:

  1. Voot app:

If you want to watch Bigg Boss 14 on mobile. Then download and install the Voot app. After installing the app, open and register by sign up with email. Now watch live Bigg Boss 14 episodes easily. If you want to download the episodes then it will download in your Voot app like YouTube because there is no direct option in this app to download in your mobile or SD card. First, Voot provides free services to users. Just access the app or site and watch live or download.

There are 35 channels on Voot with the live stream. The premium service of Voot is a little much paid that everybody can afford easily. Voot charge 99 per month and 999 for annual for android, IOS, and web users. Voot is also called an entertainment Hub because it has a verity of content. Every person can also easily share the videos on a social media platform like WhatsApp and Face book.

Using this app, fans can also vote for their favorite member of the Bigg Boss. There is a button in the menu “Vote Now”. Just click on this button, the next page will open that will have all nominate contestant names. Here, click on your favorite contestant name to save from eviction.

  1. Colors TV app:

It is an official app of the Colors TV channel. Fans can watch and download videos easily from this app. You can also watch live telecast on this app. They also update all the news and dramas of colors TV channel on this app for fans.

Best websites for Bigg Boss 14 live streaming and downloading:

  1. Voot website:

Fans can also watch live streaming and download the episodes of the Bigg Boss 14 easily using through Voot website. It is an official site of Voot. Just like the Voot app, you can watch any video of 35 channels that are on Voot. Just open “” and register by sign up. Then you can watch any video.

Voot is on top in worldwide for Bigg Boss live streamingFans can also vote for their favorite member using the Voot website.

  1. Bigg Boss 14 Watch website:

This is also a top website for Bigg Boss 14 live streaming and downloading. Audiences who cannot access paid; they can access easily and free of cost the Episodes of the Bigg Boss 14. Just open “” and watch easily and without any sign up live streaming of the Bigg Boss 14 show. Everybody can also download any episode of this season.

We never want to violate the rules of the channel. We just embed videos on this website on user demands. Bookmark this site and watch the latest news and episodes of the Bigg Boss 14.

Some genuine rules of the Bigg Boss show:

  1. Bigg Boss is a reality-based show and all the fights are also real.
  2. There is a separate room in Bigg Boss where members can smoke but only one person is allowed at a time in the smoking-room. There is no camera in the smoking room.
  3. There are 120 camera’s in house and the contestants speak in front of the camera whenever they need anything.
  4. Contestants can only talk in Hindi. They are not allowed to speak any other language even English.
  5. They can’t communicate with anyone outside of the house. They speak in their microphone if they need more dresses, medicines, or any other things. Then the team of the Bigg Boss conveys this message to the contestant’s family.
  6. There are no drugs or alcohol are available in the house.
  7. Basic food items are provided to members in the house. They also earn some food in the luxury budget.
  8. There is no maid in the house. All the members are responsible to perform all tasks of the house like cleaning, dress washing, etc.

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