Bigg Boss 14 Start Date, Registration and Audition Dates

Bigg Boss(BB) is the most popular and highest TRP rated Indian reality-based show that is on air on Indian famous channel Colors TV. The format of Bigg Boss was developed by Endemol in the Netherlands.

Bigg Boss 14 Start Date

Bigg Boss 14 Start Date is October 2020. Yet exact date is not announced because of Corona Virus Lock, it is being said, that Season 14 may be delayed due to lock down.

The first season of Bigg Boss was on aired in 2006. Now in 2020, it will be 14th seasons of Bigg Boss which is also called Bigg Boss 14. Bigg Boss season 1 was on aired on Sony TV. This show is hosted by different hosts from season 1. Now, this show is hosted by Salman Khan which is the Indian famous star. This show follows different rules and formats. People from all over the world are much awaited for this show the whole year.

Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14 Registration and Audition dates:

The Registration & Audition date of the Bigg Boss 14 will conduct online  In May 2020. When the date of registration will be announced officially, we will update it on our site. Just bookmark our site and remain update of all news of the Bigg boss 14. After the declaration of registration date, you can register your name on their voot official website or app. The link of registration will be available on their website or app. You have to fill the given form such as personal and contact details.

The candidates who are 18 years old or above can apply for Bigg Boss. The candidates must also meet the Eligibility criteria of the Bigg Boss. If the Bigg Boss team finds something interesting in you then they will call for an audition. After auditions, the selected contestants will isolate in the Bigg Boss house.

Format of the show:

As I told, Bigg Boss is a reality-based show. There is no content for this show. After registration and selection of contestants on different bases, they are isolated in a Bigg house which is also called Bigg Boss house. At the beginning of the show, only celebrities were allowed to participate but then both celebrities and common people were allowed to participate. However, In Bigg Boss season 13 only celebrities were invited to participate.

When the contestants isolate in the house, they don’t know about the outside world of the house. They cannot use any mobile, watch, pen, and paper in the house. There is also no TV connection in the house. They have to perform different tasks in the house given by Bigg Boss. All the house tasks are divided into all housemates including cooking, cleaning, etc. On the bases of performance in the house, contestants got evicted every week according to the audience votes. Nominations of the contestants based on the performance of tasks.

In the BB show, makers on aired daily base activities and tasks that contestants perform in the house at 10 PM. Bigg Boss nominate 2 or 3 contestants every week and then through audience votes, the one contestant who will get the least number of votes will eliminate from the show. On weekend, the host will share the audience’s feelings with the housemates and tell them who has the least number of votes and who will eliminate from the house.

There are 120 cameras in the house (Kitchen, lawn, rooms, and washroom) everywhere that capture each activity of the contestants and the contestants get monitored through these cameras. All housemates have their audio microphones which they must have to wear every time in the house. They cannot talk any other language in the show than Hindi otherwise Bigg Boss warned them. The show goes on 3 to 4 months. In this period, the contestants can’t meet with their family or friends. The contestants who got the highest number of votes and stays in the house till the last week got the name of Bigg Boss and 1 crore Indian cash prize.

Hosts of the Bigg Boss:

In season 1, The Bigg Boss was hosted by Arshad Warsi. In season 2, Shilpa Shetty was the host of Bigg Boss. In season 3, Amitabh Bachan hosted the show. In season 4, Salman Khan first time hosted the Bigg Boss. In season 5, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt both hosted the show. In season 6, 7 and 8, Salman Khan was the host of the show.

Then in season Halla Bol, Farah Khan hosted the Bigg Boss. Now from season 9, Salman Khan is the host of the show. Salman Khan will also host in Bigg Boss 14 Watch Online of Bigg Boss that will start from October 2020. The popularity of the Bigg Boss is also due to its host Salman Khan. According to recent news, Salman Khan charged 17 Crore per week of the Bigg Boss which can be more than 200 crores of a season.


From season 1 to 4, the house was located in Lonavala. Then the house was located in Kajrat in season 5. Then from season 6 to 12, the house again moved in Lonavala. Now in season 13, they built the house at a new location Goregaon. The makers decorate and built the house differently for every season. The house of the Bigg Boss is well furnished and has all modern facilities. There are 2 rooms, garden, pool, activity area and gym in the house of Bigg Boss. There are also 120 cameras in the house that capture every activity of the contestants.

The theme of the show:

There is also a theme for each season. In Bigg Boss 13, the theme was “Jodi”. According to some news, in season 14 the theme will be “Jungle”.

Versions of the Bigg Boss:

There are also different versions of the Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss Hindi is the first version.

Different versions of the Bigg Boss are:

Bigg Boss Kannada

Bigg Boss Bangla

Bigg Boss Tamil

Bigg Boss (Telugu)

Bigg Boss Marathi

Bigg Boss (Malayalam)

First six contestants of the Bigg Bogg 13:

Siddharth ShuklaAsim Riaz, Rashami Desai, Shehnaz Gill, Paras Chhabra, and Arti Singh were the top 6 contestants of the Bigg Boss 13. Asim Riaz was the first runner up and Shehnaz Gill was the second runner up of the Bigg Boss 13. Siddharth Shukla was the winner of the Bigg Boss season 13.

Contestants of the Bigg Boss 14:

There are no official announcements of contestants yet because contestants will be selected after registration and audition. Stay tuned, we will update you all the news of the Bigg Boss season 14 on our website.

Voice of the Bigg Boss:

The voice in the Bigg Boss is a voice-over artist and also actor Atul Kapoor. He has been working as a voice-over artist for Bigg Boss from season 1. He can speak English and Hindi. We will Provide Bigg Boss 14 All Episode at this Website.

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